Welcome to Paranormalboy.com. On this site I will be sharing some of my supernatural experiences, a lot of my fiction and non fiction writings, photos from some of the "dark" places I have visited and other related interests. I hope to hear some of yours along the way as well.

There is so much more to our world than just what we see in our day to day life. If we take the time to truly open our eyes and our minds we might start to discover what exactly those things are that go bump in the night. It might not be pretty. But I learned that once we confront our fears, they become less scary. Hopefully that will be the case most of the time anyway.

From things deep in the sea, deep in the woods, deep in the back of our closets to high up in the dark skies. I will explore these worlds. Join me if you have the nerve to step into the shadows.



The Vampire’s Guest (Part 1)
I grow nervous as the blood in my veins pumps quickly. I wring my hands trying not to appear scared and feel dampness in my palms that wasn't there moments ago....
Paranormal Boy
Footsteps Into The Paranormal... ...As the moon begins to glow and the day has bid goodbye, darkness invites the unknown to come out and play. And for centur...
When you get into aliens, UFOs and abductions, you eventually come across the topics of REPTILIANS... I have personally never encountered one of these beings...
A Close Encounter
The following experience happened when I was younger. My parents had gone through a very bad and long divorce. I ended up moving in with my father and stepmo...