When you get into aliens, UFOs and abductions, you eventually come across the topics of REPTILIANS…

I have personally never encountered one of these beings but I have been researching these creatures. Those that have encountered them say their ‘abductions’ or encounters with them are far different than your typical abductions.

I will be sharing more later but it seems that the Reptilians have a different agenda than the Grays. It is reported that they are guilty of abducting humans like the Grays, however there are big differences and reasons.

They might be more interested in interbreeding with humans (to enhance our minds, bodies and basic make up to create a stronger race) instead of trying to create a separate hybrid like the Grays seem to be doing.

Reptilians seem to be more aggressive. There have been human females that have reported being stalked and raped by these beings. Men have been bullied and pushed around and often tormented by them.

I have only scratched the surface of this subject but there seems to be a history of Reptilians that goes back even before dinosaurs.

The serpent that tempted Eve in the garden of Eden could have very well been a Reptilian, making her become “self aware” and encouraged her to taste from the fruit of knowledge. Trying to show her a different way of thinking. Trying to open her mind to the possibilities of a new world.

There have been countless high ranking political & public figures through out history that have been linked to Reptilians or been accused of being one themselves.

I will get into much more detail later but I just wanted to touch base on this topic for now and let you know that besides a lot of other paranormal subjects that I am focused on, this is one I’m researching as well.

Hope your doing well and enjoying your summer so far.

Stay vigilant and keep your minds open my friends…