Shadow People are something fairly new to me by definition.

However, experiencing Shadow People first hand, is something I am all too familiar with. I didn’t know what it was I was dealing with, until I started to explore the paranormal world in depth.

These beings are said to have been in existence since the birth of evil. However long that may be. They sometimes are dismissed because most people have only caught glimpses of them from the corner of their eyes. Some claim to have seen them head on and others have said they stalk them, following them around or jumping from tree to tree and keeping them in their sights.

They have been reported to be anywhere from 4 feet up to 9 feet tall. Shadowy. Dark and somewhat transparent in their appearance. Without any distinct features. A somewhat human type of body. Sometimes hooded and sometimes not. With glowing red eyes that can look right into your soul.

The feeling that most get when encountering one of these beings is one of sheer terror or complete fright. Especially since they will usually come around you when you are at your most vulnerable. Usually around bed time when you are lying in bed or outside often alone, when the night comes to call.

Their purpose is not quite clear. Sometimes they are seen, coincidentally, before a string of bad luck or serious illness. Others believe they are trying to claim your soul and drag it into darkness, while it leaves your physical body behind and lifeless.

Shadow Person from
My own personal experience is ongoing.

My first experience was when I was a small kid, about 9 or 10 years old. I was visiting my grandparents and a number of my cousins happen to be over on this particular day. We all loved to get together and play kickball, skateboard or an long game of hide-and-seek.

Across the street lived Mrs. D. She was an older lady who had a very tidy home with a huge yard. She never minded that we played in her yard with its lush green grass and big old pecan trees.

In the middle of one of our hide-and-seek games I was scrunched down trying to avoid detection, by a tall fence and bush, when something came over me. It was a feeling of terror. A feeling of being completely alone and helpless. I felt like I had left the game and was now being stalked. I couldn’t hear my cousins laughter or birds singing or anything else. Only my own heavy breathing.

I kept still for a few moments till I started to feel like a sitting duck, but I still didn’t know why I was so scared. Then I saw it. A shadowy head peeking at me from behind a pecan tree. I saw one red eye fixated on me. The other hidden by the tree. The being stared intently as if it were saying “Ready or not here I come…”

My stomach churned with ache. I wanted to scream, cry, run or wish myself invisible!

Then I saw a dark leg step from behind the tree. I could still kind of see the grass through it but it was definitely on the move. Next, something that resembled an arm became apparent. It sort of came around the tree. I was bracing myself for the worst.

But instead of coming towards me it stepped out into the open.

I could see its complete body. It was dark and transparent. Almost 6 feet tall. The arms were much longer than you would think normal. The eyes were watching me as it’s torso started to move away.

As it stared at me it was as if I could hear the words “Now that you’ve seen me, I will not be far away from you.” Then its seemed to high step very swiftly to the other tree that was bout 10 feet away. And when it reached the other tree it walked behind it and was gone.

My stomach hurt and my head was spinning. My breathing became rapid as I tried to catch my breath! One of my cousins nearly made me jump out of my skin as he grabbed my arm yelling “Your it!”

I started to cry and ran across the street back to my grandmother’s house. Needless to say I didn’t go back outside the rest of the day and I hardly ever ventured into Mrs. D’s yard again.

I didn’t share my Shadow Person experience with anyone at the time. I thought people would think I was crazy or just trying to get attention. So I kept it to myself but remained very aware of my surroundings after that.

I didn’t experience Shadow People again for several more years but this time they weren’t as shy. Things became intense and very scary. To this day I sleep with a night light and have a specific prayer I say before I close my eyes and enter the land of dreams.

I will share those experiences with you in future postings.

Until then, stay vigilant and do all you can to protect yourself from those things that go bump in the night.